Mental fortitude is essential for entrepreneurship in this popular, it is a measure of individual resilience and confidence that predict success in advancing prospects.

Cooking-gas  Life without access to energy is simply miserable. The infinite task, such as heating water to cook meals can require an entire day’s labor to gather both water and firewood. The labor can be physically challenging, in some cases very challenged and often with unfortunate health issues. Estimated at over a  billion people around the world faced with  barriers to improving their lives. Reducing poverty, energy can be served as a shared goal that transcends political, cultural, racial and regional barriers.

Solar Energy Solutions.

A peek from the sun will charge your Solar System. Distribution of this product will enhance the life of peoples. This energy is 100% free but the hardware is costly.green forest under white sky during daytime


The results of this analysis offer insights into the perceptions and motivations influencing intentions and behavior toward solar energy in a relatively untapped market and help identify information gaps that could be targeted to alleviate key barriers to adopting solar, thereby enabling significant emissions reductions in the residential sector especially in Kingston Harbor when ships of all sizes start reoccupying.

Medical Care Where It’s Needed Mostfree5

Geriatric Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Physical Therapy. Traumatise not having access to health care and illnesses got worst?

According to Patients Beyond Borders, approximately 900,000 Americans went outside the U.S. to find medical treatment last year and the number has been rising consistently over the last decade. But medical tourism is not limited to America. Patients Beyond Borders details that nearly 8 million patients from around the world seek overseas treatment contributing to a global industry valued at somewhere between $20 and $40 billion USD.

Expatriates who are not overseas with a large multinational company often lack the resources  of a large company when it comes to supporting healthcare, so it only makes sense that they seek other options.

Funeral Processions Sticker Introduced

Life is suspended by an incalculable outcome, it is the destiny that awaits for. Death is the end of the chance of life given yet snuffed out ingloriously which seem absolutely arbitrary. This is the state of expiration when loved ones can be traumatised.


003  Peel off two white strips and attach on inside of front windshield passenger side for the procession to burial site.

procession #1 004Make this transition to the burial site visible to all (road users) so family and friends making the final journey uniformly by using Procession Stickers.

Act on this concept each car in a procession gets a sticker distributed by person(s) chosen by a family member to distribute one to individual vehicle. This concept has been introduced in Jamaica since 2014 by S Jac Buckley and has seen an upward trend in usage.

This concept is a contribution to help the upward trend of road civility in any country.

aerial photography of concrete bridgeIn Jamaica the realignment of streets will make it necessary that this concept be adopted and may help in civility on our roadways.